Seafood Pasta Salad

I can't think of a better summertime lunch or dinner than a chilled Seafood Pasta Salad. Can't think of a more wholesome, healthy meal either - high in protein, low GI (glycemic index), and loaded with nutrients and pro-biotics. But mostly it's delicious! It's been a family favorite for decades changing a little here and... Continue Reading →

Beef ‘n’ Noodles

Recipes included: Beef 'n' Noodles, Steamed Baby Carrots What's for dinner? How about beef 'n' noodles covered with rich, beefy gravy? Add some buttery, spicy baby carrots for a company-worthy meal that comes in at... wait for it... under 400 calories. To increase the healthy-eating quotient with a kick of added fiber and nutrients and... Continue Reading →

Why Calorie Counting?

In my long experience, calorie counting the only thing that works to keep me aware and in control. I see promises all the time about just count carbs or fat grams, just eliminate sugar and white foods, just don’t eat after 2PM, on and on. Tried ‘em all, well not the don’t eat after 2PM... Continue Reading →

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