Accidental Beef Stew

Sometimes the best things out of the kitchen are unplanned. Just made the best beef stew I have ever tasted. It also got an "Ohhh wow, this is amazeballs!" (paraphrased) from the 3 other mouths it fed. And it was an "accident." Oh jeez, start writing down now what I remember doing so I can... Continue Reading →

Beef ‘n’ Noodles

Recipes included: Beef 'n' Noodles, Steamed Baby Carrots What's for dinner? How about beef 'n' noodles covered with rich, beefy gravy? Add some buttery, spicy baby carrots for a company-worthy meal that comes in at... wait for it... under 400 calories. To increase the healthy-eating quotient with a kick of added fiber and nutrients and... Continue Reading →

Have it Your Way

Included Recipe: Pasta Pomodoro When you cook your own meals you can make choices that serve your taste buds and calorie requirements. You don't have to settle for what's in the grocery freezer department. One of my complaints about prepared entrees such as Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine is that they are too small to... Continue Reading →

I Can Has Cheezburger?

Included recipes: Swiss Cheese & Mushroom/Onion Burgers, Horseradish Sauce (In case you don't understand the title, go to right now.┬áCome back after a laugh or 3. Never enough of those.) This post isn't about cats, though. It could be. But it isn't. It's about cheeseburgers. Right at the top of my Favorite Foods list... Continue Reading →

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