Living for the Scale

About that negativity thing... I know I keep pounding on this because I think it's really important. It is for me anyway and I suspect it is for most all of us on this roller coaster. How can it not be growing up in our culture that demands such fealty to an impossible ideal? So... Continue Reading →

Why Calorie Counting?

In my long experience, calorie counting the only thing that works to keep me aware and in control. I see promises all the time about just count carbs or fat grams, just eliminate sugar and white foods, just don’t eat after 2PM, on and on. Tried ‘em all, well not the don’t eat after 2PM... Continue Reading →

Make it Once, Count it Once

Included recipes: Tuna Salad, Instant Pot Mini Frittatas The problem with calorie counting is having to figure out the calories for everything in every meal. It’s measuring and/or weighing every damn thing. Tedious and just not sustainable over the long haul. But it’s essential to know what you are consuming if you want to lose... Continue Reading →

Making it Work

I promised you some tricks to make eating a variety of healthy, economical, home-cooked meals every day easy and without spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen. Here they are in just two parts or actually one part if you don’t mind spending a little more time in the kitchen: 1. Individual Meal and... Continue Reading →

Design Your Plan: Step Two

In thinking about how to sum up the previous posts to lead into this one, it occurred to me how subversive this approach is with regard to how we've been so trained and brainwashed by the diet industry since about the 1970s. Fashion industry plays a role too - in fact, I'd swear they were... Continue Reading →

Design Your Plan: Step One

Sustainable. I keep using that word. Any nutritional plan designed for any voluntary purpose has to, in essence, make you happy every day. If you feel hungry, deprived of what you love, feeling left out of life due to restrictions, you aren't going to stay with it for long. I think this is a good... Continue Reading →

Why do you want to lose weight?

I left you to answer that question in your own unique way in the last post. I didn't offer my reasons since I didn't want to influence your answers and because my reasons don't matter except to me. To me, of course, those answers mean a whole lot because they tell me much about my... Continue Reading →

Positive Eating

I’ve spent a lifetime yo-yo dieting. Bad thing to do, I hear, but what are ya gonna do when you gain weight by just thinking about eating? Without those periodic deprivation diets (and guilt when not dieting) clothes don’t fit and doors become narrower. Does my story sound familiar? No one knows more about dieting... Continue Reading →

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