Hi. My name is Pat and I’m a lifetime yo-yo dieter. I’m also old. That means over the past decades I have tried every freaking diet and funky fad, some of which only warped minds could conjure, I swear. We all know what happens after years of yo-yo dieting, don’t we? Yeah, I’m old and fat.

But what are ya gonna do? Don’t do the diet thing and gain weight. Try another life-consuming, often expensive diet of deprivation (oh no, don’t take the wine!) and stop after a few months because “enough of this ______!” (fill in your descriptive of choice) Then gain the pounds lost back and more. It’s nuts.

The missing element here is sustainability.  Finding that element is a personal journey. It starts with asking yourself such questions as: Why have those diets failed me? Is there a common thread? Are they too limiting? Too expensive? Too much trouble or time-consuming to maintain? Are ya just damn hungry for a What-a-Burger and fries?

Did a bunch of real honest introspection a while back and re-arranged my thinking as a result. This blog is a narrative of some cool stuff I’ve learned by asking questions like those above and challenging a few beliefs along the way. I also stumbled on some great, practical “tricks” and techniques to eat healthy, delicious home-cooked meals every day without cooking every day or even spending much time in the kitchen at at all. Got some great recipes to share as well.

Please note that I am not offering a diet plan or program. No gimmicks. No promises. No bullshit. It’s just a platform to share what I have learned and continue to learn with hopes that you will jump in and share your knowledge and experiences with me and others. We CAN cut that yo-yo string to live happier, healthier lives with Positively GOOD Eats!


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