Accidental Beef Stew

Sometimes the best things out of the kitchen are unplanned. Just made the best beef stew I have ever tasted. It also got an "Ohhh wow, this is amazeballs!" (paraphrased) from the 3 other mouths it fed. And it was an "accident." Oh jeez, start writing down now what I remember doing so I can... Continue Reading →

Football Munchies!

It's football season and my beloved Texans are "taking ass and kicking names" (--Mantis, Infinity War). My favorite time of year. Also dangerous when trying to limit the intake of the calorie bombs inherent in standard greasy football munchie fare. Since I typically have a friend or two over to watch the games with me... Continue Reading →

When Snacks are FOOD

Snacks are important. They sate the hungries in between meals, particularly important for that mid-afternoon sprint. Good snacks prevent the big blood sugar dips and peaks during the day and help us avoid the sugar-laden Snickers temptations that really don't do much for us nutritionally and just make us hungrier in a short time. Good... Continue Reading →

Veggie Creep

Veggies are not at the top of my Favorite Foods list. I can honestly say I know of no one for whom they are. Doesn't mean I don't like any vegetables - there are some I love but as a side to/part of other stuff that really are favorites. For instance, I love tomatoes and... Continue Reading →

Eating Out

Mindset: Calories don't count when you eat out with friends (or family on special occasions). Lunch, dinner, or at the movie grill - eat what you love, live... make a memory. Enjoy it to the max. It's all GOOD! That said, it doesn't hurt one bit to at least explore the "lighter fare" section of... Continue Reading →

Love on a Plate

My mom was born in 1924 on a family dairy farm near Rolla, MO. She and her identical twin sister were numbers 3 and 4 of what would become a family of 9 surviving children during the depression years. When my mom talked about scratch cooking it had little resemblance to what we call scratch... Continue Reading →

I Can Has Cheezburger?

Included recipes: Swiss Cheese & Mushroom/Onion Burgers, Horseradish Sauce (In case you don't understand the title, go to right now.┬áCome back after a laugh or 3. Never enough of those.) This post isn't about cats, though. It could be. But it isn't. It's about cheeseburgers. Right at the top of my Favorite Foods list... Continue Reading →

Living for the Scale

About that negativity thing... I know I keep pounding on this because I think it's really important. It is for me anyway and I suspect it is for most all of us on this roller coaster. How can it not be growing up in our culture that demands such fealty to an impossible ideal? So... Continue Reading →

Design Your Plan: Step Two

In thinking about how to sum up the previous posts to lead into this one, it occurred to me how subversive this approach is with regard to how we've been so trained and brainwashed by the diet industry since about the 1970s. Fashion industry plays a role too - in fact, I'd swear they were... Continue Reading →

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