Making it Work

I promised you some tricks to make eating a variety of healthy, economical, home-cooked meals every day easy and without spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen. Here they are in just two parts or actually one part if you don’t mind spending a little more time in the kitchen:

1. Individual Meal and Snack Containers


Freezer and microwave-safe containers make this so easy. I cannot rave about these enough. Requires a small initial investment, it can be under $30, with an enormous payoff. I have them in several sizes to accommodate any individual entree, salad, dessert, and whatever stuff. They are really inexpensive, sturdy and reusable for use over and over. I’ve been using mine every day for over a year now and haven’t had to replace any. They are stackable, requiring little storage space and they’ll make your fridge and freezer look like Martha Stewart organized them. 😀

I get mine from Amazon but I’m sure they are available elsewhere as well. (No, I don’t get any commission.)

2. Instant Pot

ip (1)

I swear, this appliance has been a life-changer for me, comparable to the microwave in value. None of what I eat requires it since everything can be cooked in the traditional way, but it makes cooking so easy and effortless it’s worth every penny and then some. Because it’s so easy and effortless, it also makes cooking a lot more fun. There are different versions of it, more expensive ones that do more, like make yogurt (you’ll take my Chobani out of my cold, dead hands) but I have found that the simpler 6-in-1 model does everything I need it to. I really only use the pressure cooker part and saute setting to cook everything. I tried the slow cooker setting once – was not at all happy with it so I still use my crock pot for some things.

Portion Control

How does this apply to eating whatever I want and still be in complete control? Two words: portion control. I prepare a recipe then immediately split it into individual containers to refrigerate or freeze. Cook once, enjoy multiple meals. After a short period of time – or even one day if you go on a cooking binge – you will have a variety of entrees to choose from in the freezer to just pop in the microwave to eat when you want. And there’s no waste! Even if you are cooking for one, as I do, you can prepare recipes with 10 servings – in fact, with this system, I now recommend it.

That’s it. Works for everyone, for every taste, for every dietary requirement, cooking for one or a bunch. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight and just want to eat better, more wholesome foods, this is an excellent and efficient way to do it.

That’s the essentials of it but I’m not even done yet with the nifty tricks. I’ll share more in the next post!

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