Why do you want to lose weight?

I left you to answer that question in your own unique way in the last post. I didn’t offer my reasons since I didn’t want to influence your answers and because my reasons don’t matter except to me. To me, of course, those answers mean a whole lot because they tell me much about my negativity triggers that sabotage me and make me unnecessarily unhappy. For instance, my list included such gems as:

  • Fear of being judged negatively
  • Feeling unpresentable
  • Feeling unlikable/unlovable

Those feelings seem real yet seeing them written down like that, they look… stupid. They simply, objectively are not true. Well, being judged negatively might be but my friends love me and what the hell do I care what the guy at the gas station might think? Seriously. Being aware of them has shown me how often those negative feelings and untrue internal narratives pop up to influence my attitudes and actions. I want them gone along with anything that rouses them. Smack those suckers when they bite.

Other items on my list showed me where my priorities are:

  • My knee hurt and so did my back when taking the dog for walkies
  • I felt sluggish and increasingly inflexible
  • I felt uncomfortable
  • I feared health consequences
  • I felt out of control

These are real, concrete issues that a good nutritional plan can address. This information will greatly inform step 2: what plan?

Your list might look very different from mine and probably does. What I’m hoping you will do when you look at each item on your list is ask “is it real or some snapping inner voice lying again?” I think it’s really important to figure that out. Here’s why: it’s that snapping inner voice that makes us do stupid, pointless things for the wrong reasons. It’s why we starve ourselves, feel like crap, and get bitchy for a few weeks or months before some Big Event, making our bodies go “nope!” and react to save themselves from this abuse. After the event, we’re all thank-god-I-can-eat-again and gimme that bottle of wine! And your body is all “YES! FEED ME! Give me back what you took and some extra to save up for the next time you do such a dumb-ass thing.” The dastardly yo-yo is spinning.

So what if we stop listening to the snapping inner voice? How about we step back from the Lose Weight Quick! Lose 10 pounds your first month guaranteed! mindset that feeds that voice? What if…

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